and then the turkey laughed

We laugh.  Every day we laugh.  Sometimes once.  Sometimes until it hurts.  We laugh at funny things and stupid things and inappropriate things.  We laugh at the things we see and the things we hear.  We laugh, most of all, at ourselves.

Laughter has seen me through some tough days.  It made 13 to 17 a little less awful. Laughter made me — the fat kid — not the joke.  It helped me to make friends at college and when I lived abroad laughter introduced me to new experiences.  Laughter made me interesting. It made me appreciate great television and the electricity of live theater.  Laughter made me a writer.

When I realized I was gay, laughter celebrated.  And when I met Todd, it was laughter that made us fall in love.  Laughter got us through the days following Todd’s heart attack and later, when I thought our relationship might be over, it made us stronger.  Laughter gave us Chris.  And then laughter made Chris our son.

Laugh.  Right now.  And then laugh again.  Laugh until someone laughs with you because laughter unites us.  It demands to be shared.  Laughter is a weapon far more powerful than our collective rage.  It stops tears except for those rare moments when it makes them (and then it is the best kind of laughter).  Laughter says it can get better.

So in this season of giving thanks, be thankful for your health or your family or the roof over your head, I’ll take laughter.  Because with laughter, the rest will fall into place.

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