i won’t wear white

And now we have to get married.  West Virginia requires a couple to be married to adopt…at least to adopt jointly.  Not that we have a problem with this seeing as how we are already married. Sort of.

I should clarify.  We got church married almost three years ago — one day after our fifteenth anniversary.  It was a real wedding, all on the level with ministers and blessings and prayers and cake. Of course this was before it was legal to get gay married in Pennsylvania.  So this past summer when it became legal for the gays to say I do and everyone was clapping high-fives and rushing to the nearest courthouse, Todd and I were like, “Eh, whatever. Been there, done that.”

I mean it’s great that we can jointly file tax returns and make all kinds of next-of-kin end-of-life decisions and a hundred other things, but for our money, we were married as of February 18, 2012, no matter what the legislature said.  When we stood up in front of our dearest friends and select family and our respective religious beliefs and recited our vows, that was it.

This wedding 2.0 is just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, and I don’t mind playing along because I like doing paperwork.  But I have enough dates to remember…the day we met, the day we got married (now, the first time), the day we met Chris, the day his adoption was final, the day we will meet Elijah, etc, etc. I just don’t have enough room in my brain to remember another anniversary date.  So I’m sorry wedding 2.0 but unless you fall on an already established holiday there’s not going to be any cake.

And practically speaking, it’s not like I can pull off pretending to be a virgin a third second time.

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