to sleep perchance to dream

Due to an unfortunate encounter with some bad Middle Eastern food I did not sleep from 7 am Sunday until 10 pm Monday. When I wasn’t breaking up petty disagreements between my two kids I was running to the bathroom. I spent the better part of Sunday night projectile vomiting spaghetti.  Have you ever vomited spaghetti?  You don’t come back from that.  Ever.

I spent the whole of Monday lying on the couch trying desperately to convince my five-year-old that staying in our pajamas and watching TV all day was the best idea ever. Of course he wasn’t having any of it, preferring to run through the house singing Let It Go at top volume. After our 437th Frozen reenactment, where I portrayed a paralytic consumptive Queen Elsa, I spent nearly an hour on the phone arguing with some incompetent Pittsburgh Public School administrator who had lost my son’s paperwork — the paperwork that we had submitted a week earlier — which is why he was at home on a Monday afternoon and not in school. When I suggested we take a nap, my son laughed at me and then threw all forty pounds of his little body onto my stomach which, at this point now void of food, had begun to digest my internal organs. It was sometime around 2:45 pm that I excused myself to the bathroom…where I cried for seven and a half peaceful minutes.

Yesterday I took my five year old to work with me.  Still no school.  This morning he woke up and threw up “just because”.  Then Chris announced he had a sore throat.  Then one of the dogs peed on the rug. Or maybe it was Todd.  I’m so tired I can’t remember.  It’s been a long couple of days.  Did I mention we got married on Saturday?

Someone asked me how I was doing.  How am I doing?  Twelve days into this and I am exhausted.  I have circles under my eyes. I’ve lost ten pounds.  I just very possibly for the first time in my life might be in over my head.

Don’t misunderstand.  I love it.  Every chaotic moment.  This is the life I have always wanted.  In between the vomiting and the fighting and Todd peeing on the rug, I am surrounded by hugs and kisses and laughter and the promise of a lifetime of watching these two incredible boys grow up.  My beautiful sons.  I would not trade this life for anything.  Having said that, I really need a nap.

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